10 Mysterious Disappearances On Cruise Ships That Will NEVER Be Solved

Cruise ships are meant to be a paradise on water, offering relaxation and adventure. However, for some, they become sites of mysterious and tragic disappearances. In today’s article we are going to discuss about the 10 Mysterious Disappearances On Cruise Ships That Will NEVER Be Solved. Let’s get started.

The Disappearance of Hugh Pham and Hue Tran


Hugh Pham and Hue Tran boarded the cruise ship Destiny in 2005. Somewhere between Barbados and Aruba, they went missing and were never seen again. On May 12th, it was discovered the pair were missing. All that was left behind were their sandals, Hue’s purse, and a book she had been reading. No traces of them have ever been found since then.

Hugh and Hue had fled Vietnam at the end of the Vietnam War, survived two weeks adrift in the South China Sea, and eventually settled in the United States. They worked hard for 30 years, retired, and were happily living in Southern California. They were enjoying a happy time in their lives when they vanished. Their son, Michael Pham, said there was no way they would have taken their own lives. They had no personal, financial, or serious health problems. The mystery of their disappearance remains unsolved.

George Allen Smith IV’s Mysterious Disappearance

George Allen Smith IV’s Mysterious Disappearance

George Allen Smith IV vanished from the Brilliance of the Seas in July 2005 while on a honeymoon cruise with his wife, Jennifer Smith. They were on a two-week vacation traveling from Greece to Turkey. George befriended a fellow passenger named Josh Askin, who was 20 years old and traveling with his family.

On the evening of July 5th, after spending the day on the Greek island of Mykonos, George, Josh, and three other passengers, Rusty Kaufman, Greg Rosenberg, and Zach Rosenberg, went to the ship’s casino. George was never seen again. Jennifer was discovered in one of the ship’s hallways with no recollection of how she got there. When she returned to her cabin, she was distraught as George was nowhere to be found. The others claimed they had taken George back to his room after a long night of partying and then retired to their own cabins. However, there was no record of any of them ordering room service as they claimed, and blood stains were found on the sheets in George’s room and all over the side of the ship.

In 2015, it was concluded that George disappeared after jumping or falling off the vessel over the railing in their bedroom. Jennifer accepted this conclusion and settled with the cruise line in 2007 for $1.1 million. But George’s parents do not believe that to be the case, despite reaching their own settlement with the company in 2011. They believe foul play could have been involved.

Merrian Carver’s Vanishing Act

Merrian Carver’s Vanishing Act

Merrian Carver, 40, went missing just two days into her Royal Caribbean cruise to Alaska in 2004. Oddly, she hadn’t told her family about this. Even stranger, her family and the authorities were never informed about her disappearance, at least at first.

Merrian’s father, Kendall Carver, has been searching for answers ever since. He discovered that while Merrian’s daughter was staying with her ex-husband, Merrian randomly decided to take this cruise. She vanished on the second day, and despite a crew member noticing her absence, nobody did anything. A steward reported her missing to her boss, who told him to just do his job. No report of her disappearance was made to authorities. The Carver family sued Royal Caribbean, which believed that Merrian just took her own life. While this seems to be the case, the mishandling of her disappearance has led many to suspect something more suspicious.

The Enigma of Rebecca Coriam

The Enigma of Rebecca Coriam

Rebecca Coriam, who was working for Disney Cruise Line, disappeared on March 22, 2010, while working on the Disney Wonder. She was last seen on CCTV footage talking on the phone in the crew lounge. Rebecca was wearing men’s clothing and was visibly distressed. The last thing she was seen doing was hanging up the phone and walking away.

When she didn’t show up for her shift the next morning, crew members started searching for her, but they were unsuccessful. When staff were unable to locate her aboard the ship, the United States Coast Guard and the Mexican Navy were alerted and joined in the search. Unfortunately, they were also unsuccessful. It was determined that Rebecca must have either jumped or fallen from the deck or was somehow swept overboard. However, nothing of the sort was captured on any of the ship’s security cameras. To this day, her family is still searching for answers as to why or how she truly disappeared from the Disney Wonder.

Aaron Hough’s Christmas Day Disappearance

Aaron Hough’s Christmas Day Disappearance

Aaron Hough, a graduate from the London Theatre School, disappeared on Christmas Day of 2018, 267 miles off the coast of Puerto Rico. He was last seen on CCTV footage around 4:00 a.m., walking onto deck 5. When he didn’t show up for work later that day, the crew launched a massive search to find him.

The search covered 3,700 square miles over two days, but there was no sign of him. It seemed that Aaron had gone overboard, but it was unclear whether he fell or jumped. At first, no one believed he could have taken his own life. He was always posting cheerful photos online and seemed to be doing his dream job performing in a stage play of Grease while sailing around on a cruise ship. However, other aspects of his social media told a different story. A week before he vanished, he wrote, “Social media is the killer of people,” criticizing the fake lives people lead online. Just before he disappeared on December 22nd, he wrote, “Beneath the water is beauty. Always look beneath the surface before you decide on things.” It was clear what happened based on those tweets, but it just shows how online appearances can be deceiving.

The Unresolved Case of Fariba Aman

The Unresolved Case of Fariba Aman

Fariba Aman, a mother of two from Canada, was last seen on the Bahamas Celebration cruise ship somewhere between the Bahamas and Florida on February 29, 2012. She was enjoying a vacation with her boyfriend, Ramesh Goani, who claims to have last seen her at the ship’s gift shop before heading to the casino alone.

When he returned to their cabin, Fariba was nowhere to be found, so he went to bed. The next morning, when Fariba still hadn’t returned, Ramesh began searching for her. When he was unsuccessful, he alerted the crew. An 84-hour search ensued, led by the Coast Guard, spanning 25,900 square kilometers. But Fariba was never found. Police and the FBI also failed to locate her or any evidence indicating where she might have gone or what might have happened to her. While the investigation never led to any answers, Fariba’s parents strongly believe that Ramesh had something to do with her disappearance.

Amy Lynn Bradley: A Haunting Disappearance

Amy Lynn Bradley: A Haunting Disappearance
Amy Lynn Bradley: A Haunting Disappearance

On March 21, 1998, Amy Lynn Bradley and her family embarked on a cruise on the Rhapsody of the Seas. But just two days into the cruise, Amy went missing. Her father, Ron, last saw her sitting on the deck. When he looked again, Amy was gone.

As the day went on and she hadn’t shown up again, the family started getting worried. They begged the ship’s crew to delay docking at their next port, but the crew refused. The Bradley family never saw Amy again. Over the years, there have been reported sightings of her around the Caribbean, each more disturbing than the last. In 1998, tourists thought they saw her on a beach. In 1999, a U.S. Navy sailor claimed he met her in a brothel where she introduced herself as Amy Lynn Bradley and begged for help. He didn’t report it initially because he was scared of getting into trouble for being in a brothel. In 2005, Amy’s family received a photo of a woman named “Jas” lying very provocatively on a bed. The woman in the photo did look a lot like Amy, but in her mother’s words, “It wasn’t the Amy I know. The picture looks like a harsh and tormented Amy.” To this day, her parents are convinced that she was kidnapped and trafficked.

Annette Meisner’s Final Moments

In December 2004, Annette Meisner embarked on a 7-day cruise on the Carnival Pride with her parents and daughter. She was last seen on December 4th at 9:15 p.m. while the ship was 30 miles off the coast of Ensenada, Mexico, and just 120 miles south of San Diego, California.

She was reported missing by her family. A search ensued, but she was nowhere to be found. Her beaded purse was recovered with beads missing next to a 3-foot railing on one of the smoking decks at 11:00 p.m. This was odd because her family maintained she was strictly opposed to smoking and would have avoided the area altogether. What’s even stranger is that the security camera in the area had been covered. When the captain was notified about the possibility of a man overboard, he waited three full hours before turning around and dropping rescue boats to search for Annette, only after being ordered to by the Coast Guard. Annette was declared legally dead in July 2005. In November of that year, her husband sued the cruise line for $115,000 in damages. While the cruise line maintains her disappearance must have been some kind of freak accident, her family strongly believes foul play was involved.

The Unanswered Questions of John Hord

John Hord was 68 years old and nearing the end of a two-week cruise from Newcastle upon Tyne, England, to Egypt on the Thomson Spirit. He vanished on the night of April 30, 2011, after having dinner and drinks on the upper deck with a fellow passenger at around 11:00 p.m. He was last seen around 12:30 a.m.

Witnesses saw John drinking and laughing, but he did not appear intoxicated. His family believes there was no indication that he had any intention of taking his own life. John was planning on reuniting with his wife and moving to a new house with her the next day. But he was gone. The only thing left in his cabin were his packed bags, his glasses, his phone, and his passport.

Christopher Caldwell’s Disappearance

Christopher Caldwell disappeared in July 2004 from the Carnival Fascination cruise ship. He was last seen by his fiancée, Crystal Russell, after having dinner and drinks with her and two other couples at the casino on July 23rd. They spent the evening drinking and dancing in the casino.

Crystal returned to the cabin around 1:00 a.m., but Christopher stayed out. He was last seen leaving the casino at 2:17 a.m. A bartender reported seeing him on the upper deck around 3:30 a.m., where he appeared to be highly intoxicated. The search was called off the next day, and there were no signs of him. It is believed that Christopher may have fallen overboard. However, this is another one of those stories where it’s unknown if he fell or if he jumped.


These disappearances from cruise ships are haunting and highlight the chilling mysteries that can occur at sea. If you know of other unsolved cases or have thoughts on these, please share them. The search for answers continues.

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