Top 10 Convicts Who Freaked Out After Given A Life Sentence

There are a lot of criminals who commit horrible and evil crimes. When it is time to face their verdicts, many of these criminals have intense reactions to their sentencing. Here are the top 10 convicts who freaked out after being given a life sentence.

10. Mother and Daughter’s Desperate Plea

Mother and Daughter’s Desperate Plea

An 18-year-old teenager was sentenced to 20 years in prison after using a dating app to set up a robbery that resulted in another teenager getting shot. When the judge handed down her sentence, the girl’s mother dropped to the floor, crying out with extreme grief. The teenage girl was screaming for her mother and begging the judge to give her a lighter sentence.

9. Head Banger

Head Banger

At Number 9 we have Head Banger, who got a life sentence for opening fire at a Halloween party at the University of Southern California. He was charged with four counts of attempted murder, and this was his reaction to his arraignment.

8. Two Women Collapse After Life Sentence

Two Women Collapse After Life Sentence

Two women collapsed in court after they were both handed life sentences for the death of a 3-year-old girl. Shortly after the judge read their sentencing, they fell to the floor with emotional outcries and had to be wheeled out of the courtroom.

7. Jahleel Hoskins’ Violent Outburst

Jahleel Hoskins’ Violent Outburst

Jahleel Hoskins pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and tampering with evidence after he violently murdered a mother of five and dumped her body in a trash dumpster. When the judge ordered him to serve a life sentence without the possibility of parole, he threw the podium towards the judge and had to be dragged out of the courtroom by the deputies.

6. Man Fights with Deputies

A 19-year-old received a sentence of life imprisonment after he shot and killed another man in an attempt to rob him. The convicted killer was still hopeful that he would at least get the chance of parole, but when the judge said that parole was out of the question, it sparked an aggressive outburst.

5. Man Threatens to Kill the Judge

Man Threatens to Kill the Judge

During his trial, Juan Rodriguez was being convicted of murder for stabbing a nurse at a mental health facility. Instead of making any last-minute pleas, he threatened to kill the judge if she didn’t let him out of jail. That’s probably not the smartest thing to say to a judge who has your fate in her hands.

4. Rage in the Courtroom

A 19-year-old man went into an aggressive rage after a jury sentenced him to death for murder. He began knocking down chairs before he was tackled by dozens of courtroom officers who eventually dragged him out of the courtroom.

3. Stun Gun Incident

Andrew Wirth was charged with first-degree murder after he shot and killed a police officer. His bail was set at $1 million, and after the judge sentenced him, the officers had to use an electric stun gun to calm him down before they carried him out of the courtroom.

2. Michael Marin’s Cyanide Suicide

Michael Marin’s Cyanide Suicide

After being found guilty of arson and almost facing a life sentence behind bars, Michael Marin placed his hands over his mouth and swallowed something. A few minutes later, he began gagging and died in the courtroom. A toxicology report discovered that he had poisoned himself with cyanide after hearing the verdict of his sentencing.

1. Violent Self-Harm in Court

A judge sentenced Marcial Anguiano to 40 years in prison for aggravated assault after he cut his niece with a butcher knife. After hearing the sentencing, he used a thin blade from a safety razor and slit his throat in an apparent suicide attempt. He survived but will probably receive more time for sneaking contraband into the courtroom.

These intense courtroom reactions underscore the gravity of the sentences and the psychological toll they take on those convicted of severe crimes.

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