6ix9ine puts behind bars in foreign country for beating girlfriend

Let’s say 6ix9ine has a rich history of run-ins with the law. In the latest, the controversial rapper was arrested in the Dominican Republic for assaulting his girlfriend and music producer.

Tekashi – real name Daniel Hernandez – was nabbed on October 13 for attacking two people with his associates, according to Daily Mail.

Following the assault, the Gooba rapstar attempted to leave the country via a private plane, as a local criminal lawyer Felix Portes told Complex.

Updating the matter on Instagram, the attorney revealed that the status of the 27-year-old was under ‘migration alert.’

“Trying to leave the country on a private plane, Tekashi 69 turned out to have MIGRATION ALERT,” he continued. “His trip was aborted. The popular artist is on the run, his whereabouts unknown since there is an arrest warrant issued for beatings and injuries and threats.”

Ultimately, the New York native’s luck was run out as he was arrested in the Samana town.

Earlier, the authorities arrested 6ix9ine in Florida for multiple times flouting the traffic rules.