Aadi Adeel Shares How Elitism Helps To Get Work In The Industry

Aadi Adeel Amjad

Aadi Adeel Amjad is one of the most loved comedians, hosts and actors on Pakistani television. He got a lot of love when he appeared on Tamasha Season 1. He is very open and honest about his opinions and he shares whatever is on his mind without caring twice. Aadi was a guest on The Knock Knock Show and he had some interesting things to say.

Aadi Adeel Calls Out Benefits Of Elitism

Aadi said that the address of any posh area on your ID card is very important and he will say this on television. He said that if you have the address of a posh area, a nice car, the latest iPhone and airpods in your ears, people will treat you differently and they will offer you better money for work. He added this is how the world works.

Aadi Adeel Calls Out Benefits Of Elitism

This is what he shared:

Aadi also shared the biggest criticism he has faced in his life. He shared that someone said that you are a “parchi” of ARY and others can work better than you. It was extremely hurtful for him but he still prays for people who say these hurtful things.

Aadi Adeel Calls Out Benefits Of Elitism

Here is what Aadi shared: