Aishu upset after male ‘Bigg Boss Tamil 7’ contestant confirms his love

As soon as Mani Chandra and Raveena Daha entered ‘Bigg Boss Tamil 7’ as contestants netizens unearthed social media proof of them being very close and suggested that they are deeply in love with each other. However when senior contestant Vichithra openly asked ‘Are you both in love’? after observing the PDA in the house the couple evaded a direct answer by saying ‘No we are both just friends,but little too close friends”.

Now another video has gone viral that clearly suggests otherwise. In the clip Aishu is seen deep in conversation with Mani enquiring about the love rumours. She also said that she also finds their bonding to be love. Mani replied, ‘Yes, it is true that we are in love, but I thought that we can reveal it when the time is right, and that too only to certain people.”

Right at that time Raveena comes by and Aishu questions her why she didnt tell her about her love with Mani. Raveena in her own style replies “Why should I tell you, this is our personal matter”. A persistant Raveena pushes on, “I know Mani for a long time, if I hide something from Mani, he will get upset, and I feel sad he is hiding it from me. Not wanting to continue the topic Raveena moves from there saying she is hungry and wants to eat.

The clip continues with Mani explaining his and Raveena’s love story to Aishu. Anyways it is now more or less confirmed that the quota of the lovebirds angle in ‘Bigg Boss’ is already filled by this young couple for ‘BB7’.