Alia Bhatt On Being Tagged As ‘Privileged Nepo Kid

Alia Bhatt On Being Tagged As 'Privileged Nepo Kid
Alia Bhatt On Being Tagged As 'Privileged Nepo Kid

Alia Bhatt, an undeniable talent in Bollywood, made her debut with the movie “Student Of The Year” and has since soared to great heights in the film industry. Her journey recently extended to Hollywood, solidifying her status as a global sensation. With a massive fan following, Alia is no stranger to the adoration and scrutiny that comes with fame. However, a section of the audience has often labeled her as a “nepo kid,” suggesting that her success is solely due to her privileged background. In a recent interview with InStyle Australia, Alia decided to address these perceptions head-on.

Despite her undeniable talent and hard work, Alia has been on the receiving end of comments about her background. Initially, she found herself getting defensive when faced with these remarks. In her own words, she thought, “I work hard, so why the question?” However, as she has matured over time, she has gained a deeper perspective. Alia now acknowledges that there is a significant amount of struggle in the world, and she recognizes that she had an easier path to enter the industry. She shared, “My initial response to it was very defensive because I just felt like, you know, I work hard, so why the question? But I think with time and with age, you realise that there’s a lot of struggle in the world and there is a case to be made in acknowledging the headstart and acknowledging I had an easier path to get into the room.”

Alia revealed that although her family has been associated with films, her inclination towards acting was a natural one from an early age. Contrary to what some may assume, she emphasized that her father, Mahesh Bhatt, never promised her a movie just because she is his daughter. Alia expressed her love for acting and clarified that her mother, Soni Razdan, who is also an actress, had her share of struggles in the industry. She remarked,

So I naturally was also more inclined towards it, but it’s not like my father ever spoke to me like, ‘Oh, the day you want to act, we will give you this movie.’ He never brought that up. Never. And, in fact, my mum struggled as an actor. Not many people know this. She was always looking for more work as an actor; she doesn’t feel like she got her acting due, and this is being married to a director and producer.

Alia Bhatt On Being Tagged As 'Privileged Nepo Kid

Proving Worth Through Work

Alia Bhatt has consistently worked hard to establish her position in the film industry. Despite facing the “nepo kid” tag, she has strived to prove her mettle through her performances. She emphasized that she couldn’t control where she was born or her family’s background. However, she has chosen to let her work speak for itself. In a previous interview with Vogue India, she stated that she had to constantly prove herself despite her background. Alia believes that while one’s background can provide opportunities, it is ultimately the audience that judges an artist’s worth.

Alia Bhatt’s journey in Bollywood is a testament to her resilience and determination. She has faced the challenges of public perception with grace and has consistently delivered powerful performances. As she continues to evolve as an actress, Alia’s dedication to her craft remains unwavering.