Ally Brooke: Fifth Harmony’s Music Triggers Painful Memories

Ally Brooke: Fifth Harmony's Music Triggers Painful Memories

The 30-year-old singer – who previously starred in the girl group alongside Normani, Dinah Jane, Lauren Jauregui, and Camila Cabello – admits that she found it “triggering” to listen to their chart-topping hits.

During an appearance on the ‘Zach Sang Show,’ Ally Brooke explained: “Now it makes me so happy. Before, I couldn’t even listen to Fifth Harmony.

Ally Brooke added, “Even as recently as two years ago, I couldn’t even listen. I was just like, ‘No. Too many scars, too many wounds. I don’t want to hear it. It’s too triggering for me.’ But now, something about time that really does heal you.”

Ally now feels proud of the group’s success.

The singer shared: “I feel like now I just look at it, and I’m just so proud of what we’ve done.

“We broke records. We were all over the world. We were a powerhouse to so many people and to women. We were a voice to women. We just did it. We did that,” Ally Brooke said.

“We were part of girl group history and music history forever, and that’s something that I’m proud of, of my part and my role that I had to play in it.”

Despite this, the girls “barely walked away with anything” from their success, with Ally revealing that they each earn around $5,000 a month from their royalties.

Ally Brooke – who joined the group after auditioning on the US version of ‘The X Factor‘ – explained: “We literally have billions of streams. But, unfortunately, we don’t get anything off of streams.

“But, thank god for Sound Exchange. Sound Exchange is amazing. That we get like about $5,000 a month.”