Bae Suzy Returns to Netflix in “Doona” – Release Date and Details

Bae Suzy

Amid the K-romance craze, a Netflix series, Doona! starring K-pop star Bae Suzy is stoking much hype on the internet. The release date of the series is set for October 20.

Helmed by Lee Jung-Hyo, the upcoming South Korean coming-of-age drama tells the story of a college student falling in love with a pop idol after circumstances forced them to share the same roof.

Meanwhile, Min Song-a lent his pen to the script as the show was adapted from a webtoon.

Bae Suzy, on the other hand, appeared in several Netflix shows, including Start-up, Anna, and Uncontrollably Fond.

The 29-year-old was part of the K-pop group Miss A, but she moved away to chart a solo career some six years ago.

“Doona is straightforward and blunt, but she also carries many scars within. She may seem like a cat with sharp claws, but in reality, she is like a ‘dog-cat’ who likes people,” Suzy shared.