Battle for Cairo: Tyga Takes Legal Action for Full Custody, Blac Chyna Voices Concerns

Tyga recently filed a petition against his ex Angela White aka Blac Chyna to demand full custody of their child.

The rapper, whose real name is Michael Stevenson, moved the LA court on October 13 to request “legal and full physical custody” of their 11-year-old son King Cairo.

According to the documents quoted by E!News, Tyga asked the court to grant Chyna child visitation rights and requested for her designated time to be from Friday after school to Sunday evening.

In regards to the holidays, the 33-year-old rapper asked for schedules to be set in accordance with “the parties’ mutual agreement.”

Over the summer, Chyna requested joint custody of Cairo as she filed papers to “determine a parental relationship” with Tyga.

After the Main One singer’s recent move, she expressed shock in her statement to E!News, “I have always respected him as Cairo’s father and know that we both love him very much.”

Chyna further said that Tyga’s request made her feel “alienated” and added, “It’s like he is strategically trying to push me out of Cairo’s life.”