Behind the Entanglement: Jada Pinkett Smith And Will Smith Separated for 6 years

Entanglement Jada Pinkett

Entanglement Jada Pinkett Smith revealed that her husband Will Smith had been on probation for six years before his controversial incident at the Oscars last year when he slapped Chris Rock.

Addressing people in an interview, Pinkett Smith confessed that the couple is “still figuring it out.” A different interview with NBC established that they are still not back together.

Speaking in promotion of her memoir, “Worthy,” Pinkett Smith told Hoda Kotb from her hometown, Baltimore, that they are still married but have lived “separate lives” since 2016. It was not a divorce, she emphasized.

Though she contemplated a legal divorce, Pinkett Smith admitted never being able to take that step. Entanglement Jada Pinket attributed the fact to the promise not to give a reason for divorce. She admitted they have a “fracture” in their relationship because of the different issues that made the two exhausted by 2016. They were both trapped within their fancy ideals of who should be between the two.

The couple has had their problems for years, although publicly they denied the relationship issues. In an episode of “Red Table Talk” aired in 2020, the couple discussed Pinkett Smith’s involvement with singer August Alsina. At that time, the public thought that they had broken up, but only now is news reaching the public that they have not reconciled.

Entanglement Jada Pinkett

Kotb said that she asked Pinkett Smith why they were kind of showing themselves as this happily married couple. Entanglement Jada Pinkett She replied by saying that it was because she wasn’t ready to figure out how to be in partnership and how to present it as such, as they hadn’t yet figured that piece out.