Bella Ramsey’s First Voice Note on Threads – A Fun Addition!

Bella Ramsey

Sometimes, a simple request can lead to exciting new features on social media platforms. Bella Ramsey, the talented actor known for their roles in “Game of Thrones” and “The Last of Us,” recently made a wish on Threads, and it came true!

Three weeks ago, Bella expressed their desire for Threads to add a voice note feature. They envisioned turning text threads into audio threads, making the platform even more engaging. Bella’s wish quickly caught the attention of the Threads team.

Now, Bella has shared a quote thread from their original post and attached their very first voice note on Threads. In the voice note, they express their excitement about the new feature and predict that they will be using it frequently.

It’s heartwarming to see social media platforms like Threads respond to the requests and suggestions of their users. Bella’s wish has now become a reality, and we can look forward to hearing more voice notes from this talented actor.

Bella Ramsey's First Voice Note on Threads – A Fun Addition!

The addition of voice notes allows users to bring a personal touch to their interactions on Threads, making it an even more dynamic and expressive platform. Bella Ramsey is known for their creativity and enthusiasm, and this new feature is a perfect match for their vibrant presence on the platform.

As Bella Ramsey enjoys their new voice note feature, fans can anticipate more engaging and entertaining content from the actor. It’s a reminder that sometimes, all it takes is a simple request to enhance our online experiences.