Beyond ‘Worthy’: The Smiths’ Revealing Tale in ‘Don’t Try This at Home

Beyond 'Worthy': The Smiths' Revealing Tale in 'Don't Try This at Home

When it comes to sharing their life stories, one memoir just won’t suffice for Jada Pinkett Smith and her “life partner” Will Smith.

In a revealing two-part interview with Extra, Jada dropped an intriguing hint that the couple is considering co-authoring a book together, tantalizing fans with the title “Don’t Try This at Home.”

While Jada remained tight-lipped about the specifics of their joint memoir, she did promise that there is more to come. In the interview, she hinted at the possibility of unveiling even more of their intriguing story, urging everyone to be patient.

Jada’s revelation comes in the midst of her own memoir, “Worthy,” hitting the shelves, accompanied by an enlightening chat with Arianna Huffington at NYC’s Perelman Performing Arts Center.

During the conversation, she addressed the seven-year separation that she and Will had experienced, shedding light on their journey back together post-Oscars.

Their unconventional label, “life partner,” rather than the traditional “husband,” reflects their unique and evolving relationship, emphasizing the importance of expanding the boundaries of love and partnership.

Will Smith, in response to Jada’s memoir, conveyed that it had a profound impact on him, suggesting that their double memoir might be the next literary sensation. With “Don’t Try This at Home,” the Smiths seem poised to reveal even more captivating stories from their extraordinary lives.