Britney Spears’ family worried memoir release can ‘reignite trauma’

Britney Spears’ family expressed anticipation over the release of her upcoming memoir as they think it’ll cause her “a total meltdown.”

The pop star’s memoir Woman In Me is based on her career and life traumas she went through over the past few years, including the time her father Jamie Spears admitted Britney in a psychiatric ward in LA.

An insider told US Sun that Britney’s relatives are worried that with the book’s release, she’d be reliving all those “traumatic” years which will damage her mental health.

“Britney agreed to present her story but she doesn’t have a clue about how her words are about to be blown up around the world,” said a family source.

According to them, Britney attended therapy sessions and counseling to process her relationship splits and conservatorship.

Another relative shared: “We all fear that opening all these wounds and very personal moments publicly could impact her well-being and does have us worried.”

Britney worked on her 288-page memoir with acclaimed writer and journalist Sam Lansky, along with the assistance of editors from publishers Simon & Schuster. It will be hitting the shelves on October 24.