Bushra Ansari New Family Pictures From Canada & USA

Bushra Ansari is a supremely talented and versatile Pakistani icon. She is adored for her acting, writing, and hosting skills. Fans love her comedy skills and her amazing comic timings in dramas and shows. She gained many fans through her popular shows like Baraat Series, Loose Talk, Fifty Fifty and Aangan Terha. Recently, her portrayal of Maa Begum in the immensely popular drama series “Tere Bin” has captivated audiences, earning her widespread admiration for her character’s persona and wardrobe. Bushra Ansari feels overwhelmed by the fame she garnered through Barat Series and “Tere Bin.”

Lately, Bushra Ansari is enjoying her vacation in the USA and Canada. She went there for the fund raisers. During her trip to Canada and the USA, Bushra Ansari met her her younger daughter, Meera Ansari. She also traveled to Toronto to spend some quality time with her adorable elder daughter, Nareeman. Bushra Ansari shared pictures with her grandchildren as well. In Toronto, she also reunited with her dear friend Badar Khalil who is a famous veteran Pakistani television actor. Currently, Bushra Ansari is in the USA, she is staying at her sister Asma Abbas Gill’s place, and enjoying quality time with Asma’s daughter, Amber. Here are some captured moments from her journey:

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