Dharmendra Overjoyed with Grandson Rajveer Deol’s Debut Film ‘Dono’ Reception!

Dharmendra Overjoyed with Grandson Rajveer Deol's Debut Film 'Dono' Reception!

Veteran Bollywood megastar Dharmendra has had many celebrations in the past few days as first his son and now his grandson have both embarked on accolades. Giddy over the acclaim of the film ‘Dono’ and his grandson Rajveer Deol, the ‘Sholay’ star has said that he couldn’t feel prouder.

Taking to his Instagram, the actor shared a video expressing his delight and thanked people for helping Rajveer also climb the stairs to success. Sitting in the warm sun, the actor captioned his post: “Friends, ‘DONO’ a good film … let us pray for its success.”

Addressing netizens in the video, Dharmendra said: “Friends! I wish I was there for the release of my darling grandson’s film ‘Dono’, though I have heard great things about it. People say that everyone has done a great job in the movie.”

“Then it must be very good, I couldn’t feel happier. But you know, being a grandfather,,, it makes you a bit….nervous (chuckles). But anyhow, I’d like to congratulate the team on this success and let us all pray for the success of ‘Dono’. God Bless,” he added.

Rajveer Deol has been receiving great acclaim from both audiences and critics alike for his performance in the film alongside actress Paloma Dhillon, both of whom made their debut with the film.

Dharmendra has also been highly giddy about his son Sunny Deol’s blockbuster success with ‘Gadar 2’ and has actively helped him promote it on both social media as well as abroad.

Apart from Sunny Deol’s huge success, the actor’s second son Bobby Deol is also gearing up for his new project ‘Animal’ where he will star alongside Ranbir Kapoor, Rashmika Mandana and Anil Kapoor. ‘Animal’ will hit theatres on December 1, 2023.