Drake’s New Song: References to Hailey Bieber Spark Speculation Among Fans!

While Drake declared taking a break from creating music to take care of his health, his recently released album ‘For All The Dogs’ containing 23 songs, is creating quite a buzz on the internet. One of the songs has become the talk of the town as the fans think the rapper hinted at his former romance with Hailey Bieber through the lyrics. Scroll ahead to get to the scoop.

Hailey, on the other hand, is happily married to Hollywood’s sensational pop singer Justin Bieber. Recently, the couple enjoyed their fifth anniversary. However, before committing to Justin, the supermodel had a brief romantic relationship with Drake back in 2016.

Among the songs of ‘For All The Dogs’, Bahamas Promises is listed at number 10, where Drake sings, asking a girl named ‘Hailey‘ about love and longing. Now, fans think he is talking about his past romance with Hailey Baldwin Bieber. The lyrics go, “Hailey, it’s sad that I know all the tea / Broken pinky promises / You f*cked up our Bahamas trip / I know that you’re not for me. I’m tired of your apologies / You put the ‘No’ in monogamy / You know that you’re not for me.” Drake continues, “You’re livin’ in my mind for free / And for someone you don’t miss / I sure feel like somebody you need. You should’ve been with me.”

Well, now that’s quite a vivid picture painted by Drake through his lyrics. He further sings, “The list of things we could’ve been / Damn / Guess I’ll see you in my dreams.” Well, not just the lyrics; Drake mentioning the Bahamas in his song also hints at Hailey Bieber as Justin had proposed to the supermodel there. Hmph, quite a coincidence, no?

For the unversed, back in 2016, there were rumors of Drake getting serious about Hailey Bieber as the two of them had often been spotted going on dates and him wearing a neckpiece with her initial ‘H.’ An Instagram account, Popfactions joined the dots; here’s the post:


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During their dating period, a source had told People, “Drake and Hailey are dating super casually, but he is really into her,” and further claimed, “They were having a lot of fun together and were very affectionate.”

What are your thoughts about Drake’s new song Bahamas Promises? Do you think it’s about Hailey Bieber?

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