Duty Calls: Prince William and Kate Middleton Face Criticism ignoring overseas tours

Prince William and Kate Middleton are called out for their lack of attention towards tours abroad.

The Prince and Princess of Wales are called out for being inconsistent in playing a role for their duties.

columnist Daniela Elser notes in her piece titled ‘Prince William and Kate Middleton turn backs on Australia’, she said: “If the Prince and Princess don’t pull their finger out on the Commonwealth front, then by the time they have matching thrones, the land over which King William V presides will be so reduced he will be able to fly from one end to another in under an hour.”

She added: “If the Prince and Princess might be a little gun shy about venturing forth, out into these here Commonwealth wilds, well, that might be understandable.

“But, that does not excuse them from continuing to stay away, whether out of lethargy or nervousness or unwillingness to have to go barefoot on so many beaches.,” she mocked.

The Wales made their last official tour to Belize, Jamaica and the Bahamas in March 2022. The couple is seemingly now focusing on their children