Efforts underway to pit King Charles against William and other royals

While the members of the British royal family never discuss their differences in the media, it’s believed that some royal experts speak for them.

Quoting a royal expert, a report in the British media said that King Charles’ alleged efforts for reconciliation with his disgruntled son, Prince Harry, could spark a feud within the royal family.

While it’s not confirmed whether the monarch has really made any such attempt, some experts are hell-bent on pitting the monarch against his son William and other members of the family.

Months after being attacked by Harry in his book Spare, King Charles invited Harry to his coronation.

Some reports then claimed that Prince William was against his father’s decision to invite Harry but the monarch reportedly requested Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, to convince his son.

The main reason behind inviting the Duke of Sussex, according to some royal observers, was the monarch believed Harry’s absence was more problematic than his presence.