Ethan Slater Takes a Stand: SAG-AFTRA Protest Grows, Ariana Grande Absent

In support of the Hollywood actors union, Ariana Grande’s boyfriend Ethan Slater has joined the SAG-AFTRA picket line in New York.

Snapped outside the Warner Bros’ New York building, the Broadway star carried a “SAG-AFTRA ON STRIKE!” sign as he walked on a picket line.

Notably, the Wicked actor’s girlfriend Ariana Grande was not present with him at the protest, according to PEOPLE.

For the step-out, the 31-year-old wore a black hoodie, over a baseball cap and loose slacks as he held a coffee cup along with carrying a tote bag.

Ethan Slater joins SAG-AFTRA protest sans Ariana Grande

In July, the outlet confirmed that Ariana and Ethan had become a thing following the pair’s separation from their respective exes.

In other news, the Everyday crooner’s seventh album might be in the works as a report suggests that she is working in the studio.

Although stressing the upcoming Wicked film to be her priority, the Grammy winner has gotten down into the studio with longtime producer Max Martin to work on the new tunes, per Page Six.

“Her priority has been Glinda [her character in ‘Wicked’] for the past two years, and still is, as they haven’t finished the film,” the insiders shared.

Cautiously avoiding any clash between her movie and music, the sources revealed, “She doesn’t know when she’ll want to release” an album, “as she wants to be respectful of the timeline for ‘Wicked,’ and originally didn’t want to do any music at all until after the films were released.”

Noting, “Then again, She works quickly and drops [in] instinctively whenever she feels ready… so who knows?”

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