Finally, Shankar Gives Clarity To Charan Fans

Shankar Gives Clarity

Apparently Lyca Productions other day shared a video that the dubbing of Shankar’s Indian 2 started with Kamal and the director is also taking part in it. Shankar Gives Clarity This led it wide discussions on social media as news has come out that Shankar is shooting Game Changer with Ram Charan in a fresh schedule that is taking place in Gachibowli at the moment. So the question on the social media is if Shankar is taking care of dubbing, who is directing Game Changer here in Hyderabad.

“Crafting an emotional ride for our Game Changer since Yesterday in Hyderabad!”, tweeted Shankar on Tuesday evening along with a picture, understanding the need to clarify about the thing to Charan’s fans in the first place. Because, ever since this doubt came out that director Sailesh Kolanu or some other associate is handling the second unit of Game Changer earlier, are now carving the film with Charan, fans have been quite worried. Rather than releasing any other PR notes, Shankar himself jumped into the scene to clarify the same, thus making fans happy.

On the other hand, Mega hero Ram Charan visited the bereaved Dil Raju at his residence as the star producer’s father breathed his last other day. Dil Raju is the solo producer of Game Changer too, and he has taken a huge risk to carve out this film no matter how much the budget will be, due to Shankar’s costly ideas and the unusual delays.