Jada Pinkett gives fans inside scoop on estranged marriage with Will Smith

Jada Pinkett

Jada Pinkett Smith opened up to her fans about her current relationship status with Will Smith, and if they’ll ever get back together. The 52-year-old actress went live on Facebook to promote her new book Worthy where she was joined by her mother Adrienne Banfield Norris.

During the session, Adrienne expressed concern for Jada and said she doesn’t understand why she is “pulling away” during her secret separation from the Men in Black star.

Meanwhile, Jada read out a question on the live, “Somebody asked if there’s an opportunity for Will and I to get back together.”

Calling Will her “family,” Jada replied, “I know we have talked about the big separation, and you guys didn’t know it because we didn’t feel like it was something to share.”

She told fans that the estranged pair is still trying to “figure out” what their relationship means, “Will and I have been doing a lot of healing together.”

Jada Pinkett shared the shocking news of her separation from the 55-year-old actor during an interview with Today where she revealed that they are not “romantically involved” anymore.

She also admitted her consideration to get a legal divorce, but was unable to go through with it.