Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck’s Long-Term Commitment: $20 Million Beverly Hills Mansion!

Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck's Long-Term Commitment: $20 Million Beverly Hills Mansion!

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, often called “Bennifer,” are among Hollywood’s most loved couples. The two have been among the most widely followed and talked-about celebrity romances. Since their wedding last year, the couple has been searching for the perfect home for months.

Bennifer successfully completed the purchase of the luxurious property back in May. This opulent estate, known as the ‘Wallingford Estate,’ was acquired through a trust managed by their business advisors, Gary Kress and Brian Murphy. Now, a recent report offers some intriguing updates about their new property.

As per The Sun, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have opted for a $20 million mortgage on their recently acquired Beverly Hills mansion, despite initially purchasing the property in cash earlier this year. This real estate move involves a 30-year home loan for their lavish Southern California residence.

The mortgage agreement features a fixed interest rate of 5.5 percent for the initial six years, with projected principal and interest payments set to commence from November 2033. Real estate experts, including Tony Mariotti, CEO of Ruby Home Luxury Real Estate in Los Angeles, have praised this decision as a savvy financial maneuver amid a period of elevated mortgage rates.

A new report has surfaced amid recent rumors of strain in Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s marriage due to Ben’s reportedly close relationship with his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner. Allegedly, the couple is considering couples therapy to address potential boundary issues.

Speculation has even suggested possible infidelity on Ben’s part within their marriage. Jennifer Lopez has been making concerted efforts to enhance their public appearances together to counteract this public narrative. However, Bennifer’s recent $20 million home mortgage for nearly 30 years restates the rumor about their rocky marriage.

Jennifer and Ben exchanged vows in a romantic ceremony in July of last year, and their enchanting wedding photos were reminiscent of a fairy tale. Although the Batman actor has three children from his previous marriage to actress Jennifer Garner, JLo has two children from her former husband, Marc Anthony.

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