Joe Jonas Dismisses Divorce Case Against Sophie Turner After Amicable Mediation

After a tumultuous few months, Joe Jonas has submitted a request to dismiss his divorce case against Sophie Turner following successful mediations.

This once reserved and private couple found themselves under intense public scrutiny due to their surprising separation announcement and the ensuing messy rumors.

One particularly dramatic claim in Sophie’s legal documents alleged that Joe, aged 34, was withholding their daughters’ passports, three-year-old Willa and one-year-old Delphine, from her, causing further tension.

Since then, Sophie, aged 27, has been residing in New York, where she stayed at Taylor Swift’s home during their mediation process. She even posted a mysterious friendship bracelet on her social media story before deleting it.

In the most recent court documents, the Jonas Brother has officially moved to dismiss his petition for divorce in Miami. Instead, they have decided to work towards an amicable resolution of their issues after coming to several agreements during mediation. It’s important to note that the provided court documents exclusively relate to Joe’s petition, which he submitted on September 1. The status of Sophie’s divorce case in the UK remains uncertain.

Custody of their children has been a contentious issue, but the couple has reached a temporary agreement. The girls will alternate between their parents’ homes every two weeks, with Thanksgiving spent with their dad and Christmas with their mom. In a joint statement, the famous couple announced, “After a productive and successful mediation, we have agreed that the children will spend time equally in loving homes in both the U.S. and the UK.”

Joe Jonas Dismisses Divorce Case Against Sophie Turner After Amicable Mediation

This temporary arrangement will conclude on January 7, with the agreement requiring both parties to submit a joint status report letter before December 2023.

In September, the couple revealed their separation after “four wonderful years” in a statement posted on their respective Instagram accounts. Sophie and Joe had initially wed in a Las Vegas wedding chapel in 2019, followed by a second ceremony in France a few months later. Their Vegas wedding, intended to be a secret, was inadvertently revealed by their friend Diplo, who was still invited to the subsequent celebration.

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