Jovika Harshly disrespects Pradeep Anthony on ‘Bigg Boss Tamil 7’ – Is she in trouble?

Jovika Vijayakumar the daughter of actress Vanitha Vijayakumar and her ex-husband Akash is in her late teens. This makes her the youngest among the ‘Bigg Boss Tamil 7‘ contestants. However on the show she has courted controversies by being disrespectful to all the contestants especially actress Vichithra who is the oldest on the show now.

Ever since Bigg Boss sent the majority of the contestants to Big House and some on punishment to the Small House, there have been disputes and fights between the contestants in the two houses.

In the latest promo the small house inmates suddenly protested that they could not cook due to various issues. An angry Pradeep asked the previliged eight contestants why they are criticizing the hard work put in by the small house six who are struggling to cook.

Then Jovika Harshly rudely replied to him that it is their job to cook and they should without cribbing about it. Pradeep who is always hyper shot back that they are not her slaves. Jovika Harshly then flew into a rage and shouting ‘Sure, let me waste my food, how can you say that you will not cook for that, cooking is your job, that’s why you are in your home”

Jovika Vijayakumar Bigg Boss Tamil Season 7

The young girl who already is mired in controversy for undermining the importance of education addressed the much elder Pradeep as “Poda” “Vada” which is frowned upon by netizens. The comments say that Kamal and ‘Bigg Boss’ should take stringent action against Jovika Harshly. We will have to wait for the weekend episode to find out how this controversy plays out.