Kanye West Faces Backlash from Italian Veterans Ahead of Controversial Concert

Kanye West Faces Backlash from Italian Veterans Ahead of Controversial Concert

Kanye West had a wild last year. From blatant anti-semitism to outright support for Adolf Hitler, the Chicago rapper received much rap on the knuckles for his toxic rhetoric. But, now as he is reportedly set to hit the stage in Italy for his mega concert, groups of local veterans rose up in opposition.

Calling out the 46-year-old for his approval remarks for a tyrant, Albertina Soliani, vice president of the National Association of Italian Partisans, told Daily Mail, “It’s time to say enough to these people who believe they can say what they want.”

He continued, “Someone can be a fantastic singer but then they are also judged by what they say, and West has made some inhumane declarations and with what’s happening in the world today we cannot accept this concert.”

Expanding on his opposition, Ermete Fiaccadori, ANPI regional president for Reggio Emilia added, “First of all let me just say that I hope this concert does not go ahead, this artist has a large following of youngsters, but his message is disquieting.”

He noted, “I’m speechless that he cannot understand what he Is saying, broadcasting a gross misunderstanding of what Adolf Hitler was in the course of history,” adding, “I am all for artistic liberty but what Kanye West says and does leave me shocked.”

In praise of Adolf, Kanye last year said, “I love Jewish people, but I also love Nazis. There’s a lot of things that I love about Hitler, a lot of things, I like Hitler, I am a Nazi.”

Meanwhile, the much-touted concert is reportedly expected to stage on October, 27.

Not to mention, Ye will roll out his collaborative album with Ty Dolla $ign, and nearly 100,000 fans are projected to attend the show, according to Billboard.