Kanye West new wife Bianca Censori suffers from mental health issues

Bianca Censori

Bianca Censori’s mental health is declining after tying the knot with troubled musician Kanye West, an expert has warned.

The Yeezy designer has lost her confidence and is now dealing with “persistent anxiety” as she has to live with the controversial rapper, who now goes by Ye.

Speaking of the Australian beauty, a body language expert told The Mirror that Bianca has observed drastic changes since marrying Kanye West

Inbaal Honigman, who is also a celebrity psychic, said, “Bianca Censori’s body language before she met Kanye presented a girl who is confident, happy with herself, secure and capable.”

“In pre-Kanye photos, we see Bianca standing tall to her full height, back straight, neck long and shoulders square,” she said comparing Bianca’s before and after images.

“All those little elements gave her the image of a lady in charge of her own life, a decision-maker,” the expert said, adding that Bianca has become “a very different lady.”

They said Bianca Censori “appears cautious” and that her “neck bent forward a bit and her shoulders raised” are signs that she is tense.

“She’s stressed,” Inbaal said before referring to her photos from Italy, emphasizing on how she clutched her fists in front of a cushion in of her viral photos, claiming they “show that she’s anxious.”

“It would be fair to assume that she’s suffering with persistent anxiety due to living under stressful circumstances,” the expert deducted.