King Charles Suppresses Late Queen’s Biography, Citing Privacy Concerns

King Charles has vowed not to let the late Queen Elizabeth’s biography see the light of the day in his lifetime due to fear of getting his personal details exposed.

It is expected that the late Queen’s biography would include her very honest views of his now-wife Queen Camilla and details of his divorce from late Princess Diana.

According to GB News, the biography of the late monarch, for which a historian is currently being sought, “will not be published for years,” or until the King Charles III is alive.

In a conversation with the outlet, Robert Lacey, a royal historian, said: “Any serious book has to examine the more difficult aspects of the King’s relationship with his mother.”

“That’s why I wonder whether it can possibly be published in his lifetime,” he added. “The years of real crisis in the Queen’s reign revolved around the breakup of Charles’s marriage to Diana.”

“There is the testimony of a private secretary that the Queen told Charles she wanted ‘nothing to do’ with Camilla – whom she described as ‘that wicked woman’ – and that Prince Charles himself was close to tears over this.”

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