King Charles takes ‘misstep’ with ‘slimmed down monarchy’ plans?

King Charles takes 'misstep' with 'slimmed down monarchy' plans?

King Charles would seemingly cause new concerns with new plans of a slimmed down monarchy.

His Majesty, who is tipped to do right by public opinion of an expensive monarch, would create more concerns.

Dr Ed Owens says: “The Royal Family was much grander, bigger, and part of the survival strategy of the monarchy from the earliest [was] in all these aspects of life, which I argue in the book was a misstep, because what it did was left the family open to accusations of royal over-expenditure.

He adds: “The British monarchy is the most expensive monarchy in Europe. At a time when the British public is extremely concerned about costs, because of inflation and cost of living prices, it would serve the monarchy well to focus on a core group of royals and would not have to pay for both the expected upkeep and expensive activity of this wider family.”

“It’s less that they’re overworked, it’s that they’re spread too thin in terms of the range of activities that they’re trying to convene and this is a concern,” says Dr Owens.

King Charles become the monarch of Britain days after Queen Elizabeth II’s death in 2022.