Madonna relives near-fatal hospital stint: ‘It’s for my kids’


Singer-songwriter Madonna has just shed some light into what her emergency hospitalization felt like. She weighed in on everything, during opening night for her Celebration Tour.

This is the same event that was postponed due to her near fatal event.

She began by admitting some fears and revealed that she didn’t expect to come out of it alive at one point because the infection had the possibility of killing her.

“I didn’t think I was gonna make it,” the 65-year-old started the conversation off by admitting.

About her time in the hospital, the singer admits, “I forgot five days of my life — or death, I didn’t really know where I was.”

During the course of her admission, Madonna also went on to hail her children as the reason for her recovery.

“But my children were there — and my children always save me every time,” she also admitted to fans shortly before the performance.

“I have got to be there for my children – I have to survive for them” is what she thought in that moment.

For those unversed, Madonna was originally found unresponsive, during her rehearsals for the New York stint in her world tour.

It was initially slated to start in July but has now been pushed all the way back to October.

Barely two days after her release from the hospital, Madonna is reported to have returned to rehearsals.

At the time a source revealed this news and said, “She is very much still in recovery, but Madonna has been chomping at the bit to get back to rehearsals.”

“Not only has she hired the Coliseum in New York but she’s also hired out a second venue in London for the final week of dress rehearsals.”