Mama Slammed For Wrong Reasons!

Last Friday, we saw hero Sudheer Babu’s latest movie “Mama Maschindra” hitting the cinemas. While the trailer of the movie promised something special inside the movie with the hero donning three avatars, which are tough portrayals for sure, the film turned out to be a pale affair. If we keep the film’s performance at the box office aside, here comes another big shocker now.

Apparently, Amazon Prime Video announced just 3 days after the release of the film that the movie will hit the OTT streaming platform on October 20th as part of their festive releases. That’s a big shocker for sure star producer Dil Raju has earlier ensued some guidelines that big films and films featuring popular heroes will hit OTTs only after an 8-week window.

Now that Mama Maschindra is not even sticking close to a 2-week window regarding the release, many are wondering if other producers will now rebel out. This will actually kill the theatre market, say some distributors who have released the film Mama Maschindra, who are now more worried that the film’s theatre will stare at empty seats and show cancellations from Monday onwards as this announcement came.

While slamming the film’s makers, now distribution and exhibition sectors are also pointing out the role a hero should play when it comes to maintaining this gap between theatrical release and OTT release. Sudheer Babu is already upset that his energetic and enigmatic performance in a triple role didn’t work at the box office, on top of that, this OTT announcement is adding to the woes.