Pakistan Vs India- Cricketers Bullied By Extremist Indian Crowd

Pakistan Vs India

Pakistan Vs India in Ahmedabad yesterday for World Cup 2023. Unfortunately, the city was harsh on Pakistanis owing to their Islamophobia and BJP support. India defeated Pakistan more easily than expected. Pakistani players were severely bullied by Indian fans. Pakistan was already questioning its choice to play in India amid the animosity. Pakistani journalists and spectators were denied visas. In response to severe animosity, Zainab Abbas had to leave the nation, while the Indian audience demonstrated bullying and Islamophobia throughout the game.

“Naam Mitao Babar Ka” was chanted openly when he walked in:

Mohammad Rizwan was taunted by Jai Shri Ram when he went back after getting out. Jai Shri Ram was not used as a religious chant simply. It is a chant Hindutva crowd uses in India during their Islamophobic lynching attacks.

Abusive language was openly used for Pakistan:

Meanwhile Babar Azam was getting a signed shirt from Virat Kohli after the match:

Pakistan Vs India- Cricketers Bullied By Extremist Indian Crowd

Even Wasim Akram who likes to be politically correct all the time could not understand this shirt exchange:

Yes, PCB is a spineless organization. The Indian Cricket Team is one of the best in the world, so defeat in the game was not a big deal. In the game one team wins and the other loses. Pakistan has defetaed India several times as well. But after so many Hindutva attacks on the players, Pakistani fans not being allowed to go watch the World Cup, some display of back bone from Zaka Ashraf or even Babar Azam would have been nice!