Post Malone gets a ‘Better Now’ boost from Taylor Swift’s compliment

Post Malone gets a 'Better Now' boost from Taylor Swift's compliment

Post Malone, the renowned hip-hop star whose real name is Austin Post, has received a significant boost to his spirits from none other than pop superstar Taylor Swift.

The 28-year-old artist recently shared his experience on SiriusXM’s The Howard Stern Show, shedding light on the times he crossed paths with Taylor Swift and her rumored boyfriend, Travis Kelce, the Kansas City Chiefs tight end.

During the show, host Howard Stern inquired about the moment when Taylor Swift paid him a heartfelt compliment for one of his songs, Better Now.

Post Malone recalled the unexpected encounter, saying, “I was doing a radio show or something, and we were just passing by, and she was like, ‘Oh my God, nice to see you. ‘Better Now’ is f—ing amazing.'”

Post Malone expressed his astonishment at Swift’s praise, noting that he told her, “What? That’s f—ing crazy. You’re a great f—ing songwriter. Thank you so very much.”

The hip-hop sensation emphasized the significance of fellow artists acknowledging each other’s work, describing it as a “really special thing” that is both inspiring and profound.

Post Malone also revealed his recent interaction with Taylor Swift, praising her as an “absolutely amazing” songwriter and an exceptionally kind and considerate person.

Post Malone even shared an amusing anecdote about his previous encounter with Kelce and Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes in a beer pong match. As a result of losing the game, Post Malone humorously admitted to getting a tattoo of the Kansas City Chiefs on his arm, in a good-natured gesture.

The artist, who welcomed a daughter with his fiancée in May 2022, jokingly attributed his beer pong skills to his newfound fatherhood, suggesting that it might have deducted a couple of points from his party game abilities. He ended with a playful challenge, urging Taylor Swift to tell Kelce that he’s ready for a rematch and that he’s watching those elbows next time.