Shankar Is At Dubbing, Who’s Shooting Game Changer?

Shankar Is At Dubbing

Other day there is widespread news everywhere that Global Star Ram Charan has finally kickstarted another new schedule of his latest film “Game Changer” Shankar Is At Dubbing which is being carved by S Shankar. They said that the film is being shot by two units, one in Gachibowli and the other one in Vikarabad, while Charan is likely to take part in both places, half a day each. Here’s the twist though.

By the end of the day, the production house that is carving Kamal Haasan’s Indian 2 has released a video, indicating that the dubbing work of the film has started. While Kamal Haasan arrived in style at the dubbing theatre, it is S Shankar who has followed him. And now, Charan’s fans are worried if the video is old or taken just yesterday morning. In that case, if Shankar is at the dubbing theatre of Indian 2, who is actually directing Game Changer here?

On the other hand, Game Changer got delayed so many times with a couple of recent schedules cancelled just hours after giving the call to shoots. We have to see when the film actually gets wrapped and when will it see the light of the day. The original date of release for Game Changer was scheduled for 2023 Summer earlier.