Suhaas’ Head Tonsuring Becomes Topic Of Town

Suhaas’ Head

Some actors lose weight, some put on weight and some use prosthetics to look bald. Suhaas’ Head But some dedicated actors don’t mind shaving their head or tonsuring it multiple times for the sake of a role. However, that coming from a hero would be a bit tough, but it looks like actor Suhaas has no such qualms to cut out his hair for a scene or two.

Going by the teaser of Ambajipet Marriage Band, there is a scene that comes during the interval of the movie where Suhaas’ character Malligadu gets head tonsured. There is no CG or any other fake work there, but the actor got his head tonsured multiple times, such that this character’s essence would work out better.

At the point of filming that scene, he is actually working on director Sailesh Kolanu’s HIT 2 as well, and the director revealed that he’s a bit worried that if the HIT 2 shooting gets delayed, then Suhaas might not be available for the shoot as he will get his head tonsured. At that time Suhaas is playing the antagonist role in HIT 2. As Sailesh revealed this, Suhaas’ tonsuring scene became a hot topic now.

On the other hand, fans of this young actor are actually praising his dedication to bringing the role of Malligadu alive, and we have to see how the audience will receive it after the teaser worked out.