Talk: Nani Is Still Uncertain About Release Date

Nani Is Still

One of the most Nani Is Still anticipated movies that would be coming very soon to theatres is none other than “Hi Nanna” which has Natural Star Nani in the lead. In fact, the film was originally supposed to hit cinemas in the last week or second week of December (Dec 21) but then, the arrival of Salaar on December 22nd changed all the plans. While the film’s producers earlier considered Sankranthi 2024 as well, today Nani indicated that they might need time to finalise one.

Hero Nani clarified that the release date of “Hi Nanna” is not yet finalised and they will come to a clarity in a couple of days Nani Is Still. When fans forced him to reveal the date at a media gathering on Tuesday, the actor stated that he would tell them the date in a couple of days.

A buzz is doing rounds that Hi Nanna makers are now considering November 8th as a possible date while coming in the second or third weeks of the month will not be advisable as Telangana elections are set for November 30th. That’s why, maybe Nani needs a couple of days time to sort it out.

On the other hand, if we look at the slots after the elections, there will be only the 8th which gives two weeks’ windows before Salaar, or the 29th which will fall a week after the Dinosaur’s arrival. Either Nani has to pick one of these slots or he has to go for Sankranthi date, which is already over crowded with a plethora of releases.