The Crown Season Finale Sparks Royal Outrage Amidst Prince Harry’s Netflix Deal

The Crown

Every year, a new season of “The Crown” comes out on Netflix. It’s almost like the royal family’s outdoor appearance at Buckingham Palace after Trooping the Color. A lot of people are upset about this event, calling the show “malicious fiction” and asking that it have a statement saying “inspired by real events.”

Strangely, though, viewers seem to be able to hold two different beliefs at the same time: they think the show pretty accurately portrays the big picture and main themes, but that the small details and private conversations between the queen and Prince Philip are mostly made up by the show’s creator, Peter Morgan. In spite of this, the anger machine keeps running.

Prince Harry’s Netflix Deal Sparks Controversy

Prince Harry has been called a liar since he signed a multimillion-dollar Netflix agreement in 2020. They don’t understand how a privacy advocate can work with a platform that lies about his family. Harry has said that he doesn’t mind the program since it’s fictional. In the penultimate season of “The Crown,” Princess Diana’s spirit speaks to Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth, thus demonstrations against Harry and “The Crown” may increase this year.

While faithful royals may object, Prince William’s pal said he would be “totally sickened” by the show’s depiction of his mother. This current scandal may cast doubt on Harry’s cooperation with Netflix, which has exploited the royal family. Harry’s Netflix work will likely continue untouched since the royals don’t harbor grudges against all content producers from a business they despise.

The attempt to distance “The Crown” from Netflix and Harry is understandable, but for Netflix, having Harry and Meghan as well-known figures is relevant to how the show is perceived. The new season offers fresh insights into the royal family’s dynamics, leaving viewers to ponder if “The Crown” has jumped the shark.