The Great Indian Suicide Review

The Great Indian Suicide Review

Noted heroine Hebah Patel and actor Ram Karthik’s film,The Great Indian Suicide had direct-to- OTT release on reputed streaming platform Aha. Written and directed by Viplav Koneti, the film is out on the digital platform on October 5th. Let’s see how it fares.


Hemanth (Ram Karthik) is an orphan who owns a coffee shop along with his friend gang. He falls for Chaitra (Hebah Patel), who provides cookies as per the requirement of Hemanth. In the process, friendship blooms between them and soon turns into a thick love. Finally, Hemanth proposes Chaitra, but the latter disagrees initially. Hemanth decides to leave the city so that he can forget the memories of Chaitra. When Hemanth is about to leave, Chaitra expresses her love for Hemanth.

The Great Indian Suicide Movie Review

Twist in the tale is that Chaitra says she can’t marry Hemanth as she is about to die in a few days. Adding to it, she further tells Hemanth that her family is committing a mass suicide. Why did Chaitra’s family make such a shocking decision? What does Hemanth do next? Will he adopt the family of Chaitra? forms crucial crux.


The movie deals with the mass suicide  suicide concept based on which a few documentaries have been made earlier. There is no doubt that The Great Indian Suicide is inspired by Burari Deaths, but the treatment is different. A family wants to commit mass suicide so that one of their deceased members can return to life. The protagonist falls in love with the female lead, who belongs to the family, and he tries to find out who actually influencing others. The plot idea is fascinating.

The Great Indian Suicide Movie Review

If one believes the film is just about the mass suicide concept, then you are in for a few surprises. The last half an hour is packed with unexpected twists that keep coming at you continuously. They are surprising and disturbing at the same time. The director addressed a few issues at the end and tried to link them with the core point, which is appreciable.

Hebah Patel did a convincing job in her performance oriented role. Ram Karthik did a fine job as the person who tries to unlock the mystery. Naresh, Pavitra Lokesh, Ratna Shekar Reddy, and Deborah Doris were good in their respective roles.

The Great Indian Suicide Movie Review

The start scene is good and creates curiosity among moviegoers but the film falls flat till the pre-climax episode. To keep it simple, the film has a solid developments in the last twenty minutes which one can’t image. The Great Indian Suicide has issue with the pacing as it very dull if the proceedings would have been gripping the impact would be solid.

But the film slows down in the mid portions for a brief amount of time, and proceedings become boring. Scenes that should have been more thrilling were presented in an authentic manner.

Adding to it,  a few unnecessary scenes are included in the film, which could have been avoided completely. They take up a considerable amount of screen time. Instead, the makers could have concentrated more on the detailing part.

Jayaprakash’s role could have been etched better as his character goes missing after a while.There was more scope for having horror elements, but it was surprising as the makers sidelined that aspect after a point in time.

Sri Charan Pakala’s background score is effective. While the songs are decent, the background score is apt to the proceedings. Anantharag Kaavuri and Ajay V. Nag’s cinematography is good. The production values are decent, but the editing is below par as a few unwanted scenes would have trimmed.

The Great Indian Suicide Movie Review

Director, Viplove Koneti came up with an  intriguing concept and tried to address a few social issues with the film, which is appreciable. The screenplay should have been watertight for a subject like this but the slow pacing and inclusion of a few scenes brought down the impact.


On the whole, The Great Indian Sucide has an interesting concept and a few scenes are executed properly but during halfway the film falls flat due to unwanted scenes. The proceedings picks up during last twenty minutes where all the dotted and mystery behind the story will be unveiled and creates a decent impression making the film a passable watch during this weekend on the OTT platform.