Travis Kelce is turning into Taylor Swift’s ‘protector’

Singer-songwriter Taylor Swift has allegedly been visited by cupid and is starting to feel very “protected and cherished” by her “true gentleman” Travis Kelce.

These thoughts have been issued by behavioral analyst Susan Constantine.

She weighed in on everything during the course of her interview with Fox News Digital.

The body language expert started the whole conversation off by referencing the couple’s strong connection and using some pictures from their recent outing as proof.

Based off the pictures, Constantine called Kelce “a gentleman and a protector” citing an instance where he went as far as to help Swift exit her car more easily.

In response to that behavior Constantine said, “This couple’s body language shows a strong love connection.”

She also went into finer details and said, “Travis appears relaxed with hands in his pockets, and he makes his way around the SUV to open the door for Taylor.”

In more than one instance, “Travis is seen with his lips pressed together (concentration), and then respectfully guides security away with the palm of his hand on the shoulder.”

Almost as if he’s trying to say, “Thanks, I got this from here!”

Before signing off she also hailed the NFL star’s “gentleness” and for offering his hand to Swift “for strength and support”

Even Swift matched the energy according to Constantine who pointed out how “Taylor angles toward Travis, relying on his support and connectedness.”

Before concluding she also pointed out, “It appears Taylor feels safe, protected, and cherished. Travis is gentle, attentive, caring, thoughtful and a true gentleman and protector.”