Travis Kelce’s Gentle Gestures Shine Next to Taylor Swift, a Contrast to Her Moody Ex Joe Alwyn

Travis Kelce

Travis Kelce exudes happy vibes whenever he is spotted with Taylor Swift unlike her former lover Joe Alwyn, who seemed complex and serious while he was with the star.

According to a body language expert, the NFL star’s gentle and chivalrous gestures stand in stark contrast to the Anti-Hero hitmaker’s previous outings with her supposedly moody ex.

Over the weekend, Taylor and Travis were captured by paparazzi outside an SNL after-party at Catch in New York City, where the way Travis assisted Taylor out of the car spoke volumes.

Comparing the popstar’s appearances with Travis and Joe, body language expert Judi James told The Sun, “Unlike Joe Alwyn, Travis looked like the pure protective alpha male.”

She went on to refer to a viral video on social media in which Travis went as far as signaling to Taylor’s security personnel to step aside, allowing him to personally open her car door and assist her.

“He trotted around Taylor, opening doors like a regency courtier and offering helping hands and pushing staff out of her way,” the expert said. “Travis wanted to look after his girl himself.

She continued “When they held hands walking along, he did not tow her. Travis presented Taylor like a princess. This differs from moody and complex Joe, who might have seemed exciting and sexy to her at the start.

Praising the Lover singer’s choice, Judi said, “Taylor has picked a much more alpha man than Joe and who looks happy treating her like an A-lister.

“It looks like he insists on protecting her in a way that Joe never did.”