Vichithra secretly tells ‘Bigg Boss’ about all the other contestants


A video of Vichitra, the oldest contestant of the ‘Bigg Boss Tamil 7’ secretly informing ‘Bigg Boss’ about her fellow contestants behaviours and flaws is going viral on the internet.

Vichithra was one of the leading glamour actresses in Tamil and other South Indian language cinema during the 90s. She became famous after playing the role of “Madippu Hamsa” in ‘Thalaivasal’ directed by Selva and Ajith Kumar’s first film as hero ‘Amaravathi’ released in 1993. She later acted in several films including ‘Thevar Magan’, ‘Muthu’, ‘Rasigan’, ‘Amaithi Padai’ and ‘Jayam’ with top heroes.

Vichithra after her marriage stopped acting in films for close to two decades and recently made her comeback in ‘Cooku With Comali’ and found instant fame. She is now one of the controversial contestants in ‘Bigg Boss 7’ after her tiff with Jovika the youngest contestant of the show.

Now a video has gone viral in which Vichithra lying in her bed and alone in the Big House speaking aloud to Bigg Boss. ‘Not a single person wants to bond with me here and, no one is true. Suresh Anna is a little bit okay, he is a good man at heart. That Maya girl has a good sense of humor. Others are shouting for content. Vijay is also somewhat ok, Aisu is dear angel.. Raveena is also cute.. Vikram is a nice guy. .If you don’t talk or not, he will do the job properly.”

Vichithra secretly tells 'Bigg Boss' about all the other contestants

Vichithra, whose next Tamil film is Gautham Vasudev Menon’s ‘Johsua Imaipol Kaaka’ continues “This Mani is partly okay, but I am sure he is talking about me behind my back. Yugendran is trying to act as a good man and I want to see how long he can do that. Akshay and Poornima, are the two most dangerous ones in the Bigg Boss house. ” Looks like Vichithra is totally disillusioned by her fellow contestants and it will be interesting whether she will continue play hard or give up in the coming weeks.