When Disney’s Animated Film Got Banned To Be Dark & Frightening For The Kids, It Had 4 Skeletons Rising From The Dead & Dancing To Cause Mayhem

Walt Disney Studios is one of the biggest animation studios out there, and with a special focus on kids, they have managed to ace the game with different genres even including the horror movies. Disney never shies away from innovation and creating new concepts but one of their horror movies once faced a ban which later proved to be one of the most essential animated shorts. Can you guess which short film we are talking about? If not, scroll down to know the details.

Disney made headlines in 1929 for the wrong reasons when their animated short called The Skeleton Dance faced a ban from Denmark. The reason? Well, they felt the movie was too dark for children and they considered the black-and-white animation too graphic and frightening for kids.

According to Screen Rant, Disney’s The Skeleton Dance was part of their Silly Symphonies series. For the unversed, this animation short became one of the first cartoons to successfully synchronize animation and sound together. The Skeleton Dance was produced and helmed by Walt Disney, and it depicted four skeletons rising from the dead and dancing to the tunes and causing mayhem. In the same phase, Disney also created shorts like Hell’s Bells and The Haunted House. The Skeleton Dance, however, was banned in Denmark as they felt it was too frightening due to its dark story.

Take a look:

Silly Symphonies - The Skeleton Dance

Denmark reportedly banned the now-iconic Disney’s The Skeleton Dance in 1930 for being “too macabre” for audiences. The ban later got lifted as Disney continued to expand their network.

In July 1929, a magazine shared a review warning parents not to bring their kids to The Skeleton Dance since the video also featured bats, owls and cats to scare the audiences. And it was shared that the haunting music to the graveyard setting proved to be scary for the kids.

Despite the controversies, Walt Disney‘s The Skeleton Dance later became a cult classic, paving new ways in the world of animation.

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