When Narayana Murthy Got Irritated With Hero’s Band

The teaser for “Ambajipeta Marriage Band” was unveiled on Monday in the presence of various filmmakers who have previously collaborated with the lead actor, Suhas. The teaser received a positive response and hints at an entertaining film. However, an incident during the teaser launch event garnered attention.

In order to celebrate the teaser’s launch, the organizers arranged for a musical band, reflecting the theme of the film. This unique approach was aimed at enhancing the film’s promotional activities. However, the musical band generated a considerable amount of noise during the event, causing some inconvenience.

Reportedly, filmmaker R Narayana Murthy, who was present at the event’s premises expressed his displeasure with the noise created by the musical band. Suhas, the film’s lead actor, quickly noticed this and promptly approached the veteran filmmaker to apologize on behalf of his team.

Suhas’s swift response to the situation drew the attention of many attendees at the event and showcased his humility. Such reactions provide insights into a person’s character and personality.

“Ambajipeta Marriage Band” is produced by Venkatesh Maha under Mahayana Pictures in collaboration with Allu Aravind’s GA2 Pictures. The film marks the directorial debut of Dushyanth Katikaneni and is expected to offer a unique blend of entertainment.