William and Kate Middleton accused of ‘not pulling weight’ but are in ‘difficult spot’

William and Kate Middleton accused of 'not pulling weight' but are in 'difficult spot'

Prince William and Kate Middleton are under fire for not doing much as the Prince and Princess of Wales.

The couple, that took over their prestigious roles last year, are not ‘pulling their weight’ to show they are worth it.

A source told OK!: “There’s a growing feeling that William and Kate aren’t pulling their weight. They are the future of the monarchy and are themselves senior members of the Royal Family.

They added: “William and Kate have been put in a very difficult position of choosing between the right path for their family or the future of the monarchy. Both are very important to them, but they have decided to put their children first while they are so young.”

Kate and William are currently busy making official trips to places in the UK, their latest being to Wales.