Actress Ranjitha’s appointment as Kailasa Prime Minister by Nithyanandha irks other female disciples

Nithyananda the self proclaimed godman is quite popular among netizens for his funny speeches. He was born in Tiruvannamalai on January 1, 1978. His birth name is Rajasekaran and claimed to have attained full enlightenment in Hindu spirituality at the age of 22.

Before 2010s he Nithi as he is fondly called by the press became famous for his inspiring “Kadhavai Thira Kaatru Varattum” series of discourses. But all that changed when Sun TV released video footage of Nithyananda being intimate with actress Ranjitha. Though the controversy raged on it had only limited impact on his following as the tainted spritual leader later revealed in a press conference that Ranjitha is like his mother.

However in the past few years the law has caught up with Nithyananda who is in hiding for a long time now following several complaints that he had sexually assaulted many of his students. Similarly, there is a case of human trafficking against Nithyananda.

Meanwhile, on 20 November 2019, the Gujarat Police who were on the hunt for him said that Nithyananda had left India. Nityananda, who used this news to his advantage, claimed that he had created a complete Hindu country, named Kailasa. He has been regularly releasing video discourses from time to time, claiming to be speaking from Kailasa. He also expressed his desire to convert many Indian youths into Kailasa citizens.

According to the information available now, Nithyananda has appointed actress Ranjitha as the Prime Minister of Kailasa. The other disciples have raised objections to it alleging that Prime Minister Ranjitha is playing power games. There is a silent protest and it is said that Visnhupriya Nithyananda a high ranking disciple of Kailasa and its representative in the UN is also unhappy with the PM though it has not been confirmed yet.

One thing that is clear is that Nithi who is already in hiding in his imaginery country has to further face the nightmare of his favorite disciples clashing for an imaginery post. Lets wait and watch his next move.