Whoa! First contestant to quit the game and leave the house in Bigg Boss 7

We all know that the seventh season of Bigg Boss Tamil kicked off on October 1st. The new season has an elimination on the first weekend which is the first time in the BB history. Out of the eighteen contestants, Ananya Rao was eliminated from the game and walked out of the house.

On Monday, Bava Chellathurai decided to leave the game and left the BB house. Notably, he was nominated for elimination last week and was in the danger zone. A video of him talking to the Bigg Boss in the confession room has surfaced over the internet and is doing rounds now. Bava stated that he wouldn’t be able to last another day in the house.

In the video, Bava said to Bigg Boss, “I came into this house thinking that I would have a new experience in this house with strangers for 100 days but there are tasks, fights and the darker side of people here. Even Kamal sir told me that this house would bring out my dark side but I’m not a person who grew up in such circumstances and I couldn’t handle that darkness.”

“I wouldn’t last any longer in this house. I admit that it is wrong to request an exit after walking into a prestigious show. Maybe it would’ve been good if Kamal sir had evicted me instead of Ananya Rao,” added Bava. The Bigg Boss tried so much to convince him but Bava ultimately decided to quit the game and left the Bigg Boss house on October 9th reportedly. We are the first to report you the same.