Ariana Grande’s seventh album in the works: report

Ariana Grande’s seventh album in the works: report

New music may be on the way as Ariana Grande is dropping into the studio after the work on her film Wicked is paused due to the SAG-AFTRA strike, according to Page Six.

Insiders close to the star spilled the beans on her potential seventh album, adding the Grammy-winner has stressed that her upcoming movie will be her priority, but the strike has provided the megastar time to work on the new tunes.

On-ground spies shared told the outlet that the Everyday crooner is collaborating with her previous producer, Max Martin, in New York.

“Her priority has been Glinda [her character in ‘Wicked’] for the past two years, and still is, as they haven’t finished the film,” the tipsters tattled.

On the music release, the source shared, “She doesn’t know when she’ll want to release” an album, “as she wants to be respectful of the timeline for ‘Wicked,’ and originally didn’t want to do any music at all until after the films were released.”

They added, “Then again, She works quickly and drops [in] instinctively whenever she feels ready… so who knows?”

Adding the hype into the frantic album rumours, Ariana teased the fans when paparazzi asked about the title of her new album over the weekend, “Let me make it first!” she joked.