King Charles in ‘tricky’ business, forgiving Harry will make William mad

King Charles is warned inclination towards Prince Harry would jeopardize his future as the King.

The monarch of Britain is told he would upset his elder son, Prince William, if he tries to extend an olive branch to his younger son.

Royal author Dr Ed Owens tells GB News: “These reports suggest that the relationship is very difficult between the father and son at the moment.”

“What the King has to keep in mind, clearly, is that Harry’s presence within Britain is somewhat antagonistic,” he adds.

“Anything that Charles has or does on a personal level to try and reconcile the relationship with Harry could have a broader negative impact on his relationship with other family members,” he said. “Because there are clearly members of the family who are not ready to forgive Harry for what he’s done,” notes the expert.

Prince Harry left the monarchy in 2020 alongside Meghan Markle in an attempt to lead a private life.