Tyler Perry’s compassion saves a family from going homeless

Tyler Perry, the owner of Tyler Perry Studios, has won hearts with an act of kindness towards a 93-year-old woman as the actor-filmmaker has been reportedly buying a new home for the woman.

It has been reported that the woman in question, Josephine Wright, is at risk of losing her home in South Carolina, which her family has owned since the Civil War era. The house has now become the center of a bitter land dispute.

According to TMZ, sources with direct knowledge of the matter revealed to the publication that Tyler is building a five-bedroom home for Josephine in South Carolina to replace the disputed one.

It has been reported that construction has not yet started, and the filmmaker’s team is currently in the phase of obtaining the required permits.

The Why Did I Get Married director pledged to support the elderly lady when he learned about her legal battle with Bailey Point Investment Group.

It has been claimed that the investment group wanted to buy Josephine’s land but she refused to give it up as it had been owned by her family for generations.

Josephine’s denial led the Blue Investment group to file for suit to seize control of her property. One of her grandsons also started a GoFundMe campaign to help them pay the legal fee. An update posted on their page says that a tree fell off the property, making two holes in the roof.

Tyler’s kindness is shining bright as the woman is set to get a new home altogether.

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