Asif Raza Mir Has Great News For His Fans

Asif Raza Mir

Asif Raza Mir is a brilliant Pakistani television actor and producer. He is famous for his appearances in dramas like Ankahi and Taan Sain. He was a successful Pakistani actor. Now, his sons are also doing acting. Asif Raza Mir has recently appeared in an interview with Fuchsia Magazine. In the interview he talked about moving back to Pakistan. He also surprised his fans with great news.

Talking about moving to Pakistan, he said, “we shifted back because there were many things which needed to be resolved, also there was a stigma attached (that they did this or that) so, it was about time that I decided to come back. I also addressed many hearsays after coming to Pakistan, at that time, my family moved back to Canada and I stayed in Pakistan. After a while, I just opened the production house (A & B Productions), it was a business decision, I found a good opportunity. It was option given by a famous director, Allah helped us in it, it was big.

Talking about it, he said, “We have just launched production house, we will be more focused towards television projects. Will do less projects. It will be independent production house . Ahad Raza Mir and Adnan Raza Mir are with us in this, they are producers in making”