Riverdale’s Vanessa Morgan Will Return to The CW With New Series

Vanessa Morgan

Vanessa Morgan, well-known for her role in “Riverdale,” is set to shine in a brand-new series, “Wild Cards,” making its way to The CW’s original drama slate in 2024. This crime-solving procedural incorporates a comedic twist and features the unlikely partnership of a seasoned police officer and a resourceful con woman.

The official description of “Wild Cards” sets the stage for an intriguing narrative:

WILD CARDS, in partnership with CBC, is a crime-solving procedural with a comedic twist that follows the unlikely duo of a gruff, sardonic cop and a spirited, clever con woman. Ellis (Giacomo Gianniotti, “Reign,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “From Scratch”), a demoted detective, has unfortunately spent the last year on the maritime unit, while Max (Vanessa Morgan, “Riverdale”) has been living a transient life elaborately scamming everyone she meets. But when Max gets arrested and ends up helping Ellis solve a local crime, the two are offered the opportunity to redeem themselves, with Ellis going back to detective and Max staying out of jail. The catch? They have to work together, with each using their unique skills to solve crimes. For Ellis, that means hard-boiled shoe leather police work; for Max, it means accents, schemes and generally befriending everyone in sight, while driving Ellis absolutely nuts. The two will have to learn what it means to trust another person and maybe actually become partners.”

Vanessa Morgan Stars in ‘Wild Cards’ for CBC and The CW

“Wild Cards” is produced by Blink49 Studios and Front Street Pictures for the CBC. It boasts an impressive team of executive producers, including creator Michael Konyves, pilot director James Genn, Shawn Piller, Lloyd Segan, and writers Alexandra Zarowny, James Thorpe, Noelle Carbone, and Morwyn Brebner. This series is part of The CW’s commitment to “equity, diversity, and inclusion principles” both on and off the camera.

The CW’s Head of Scripted Programming, Liz Wise Lyall, expressed enthusiasm about these upcoming shows, stating that “Wild Cards and Sight Unseen are two unique, binge-worthy shows that reflect The CW’s commitment to compelling, top-tier storytelling that will appeal to our loyal fans and attract a wide range of new viewers.” The network is devoted to delivering diverse and captivating content to its audience.

“Wild Cards” marks Vanessa Morgan’s next exciting venture, and fans can anticipate her remarkable performance in this innovative crime comedy series.